We provide compact and best-fit solutions for the education system, which we have been serving for many years. 

We supply all your card needs in the education sector and ensure that your students' photos and data are securely transferred to the cards with our Information Security Certificate and high-security production facility. With our Chip Unique ID system and bulk data report service -which matches personal information with user data- we provide convenience in electronic identification. We offer high-quality services from card body production to delivery to end-users by printing employee information such as photos, name surname, and ID number together with the institution's visuals on the card and applying security features such as variable UV printing and micro text in a single step.



Cards that enable personalization to be done simultaneously with card body production, instead of standard card personalization applications. These cards allow personal data to remain intact on the card for 10 years without deformation.


Exclusive cards with contact-based and contactless features, created through extensive R&D efforts, are designed to be durable for long-term use, resistant to breakage, and feature a flexible structure.

Card Technologies


Contactless cards enable transaction processing by communicating with a card reader over a radio frequency, eliminating the need for physical contact. These cards can include technologies such as Fudan, Proximity, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, and Desfire, tailored to suit your applications.

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